MiALA Member Spotlights

MiALA Member Spotlights

Each month, a member of MiALA will be featured in our Newsletter. We will continue to feature our member spotlights here. If you are interested in being featured as a MiALA member spotlight (or know of someone that should be featured), submit your entry by going to the member spotlight questionnaire. Contact the Communications and Marketing committee chair at communications@miala.org if you have any questions.

January - Marwah Ayache
April - Chantell Graves
May - Natalie Hagopian
JuneWilliam Adame

May - Rebecca Tull
November - Margaret Hoogland


January - Beth Martin
February - Tim Peters
March - Marlene Edge-Phillips
April - Gina Bolger
May - Emilia Marcyk
June - David Malone
November - Kalyn Huson
December - Denise Layton



January - Darlene Johnson-Bignotti
February - Krysta Vincent
March - Michelle Strasz
April - Jon Jeffryes
May - Laura Walton
June - Heather Fisher
July - Beth Johns
September - Kate Langan
October - Cynthia Simpson
November - Jane Scales

January - Stephanie Delano Davis
February - Sheila Garcia
March - David Scott
April - Ashley Blinstrub
May - Katie Alphenaar
June - Jessica Shuck
July - Megan Drapalik
August - Heather Ladiski
September - Holly Flynn
October - Dawn Winans
November - Brenna Wade
December - Clayton Hayes


January - Kendra Lake
February - Brian Holda
March - Julie Garrison
April - Hazel McClure
May - Sandy McCarthy
June - Elizabeth Measell
September - Jeff Lash
October - Rachel Minkin
November - Jen Fiero
December - Edward Eckel