Meeting and Event FAQ

MiALA Meeting and Event Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Interest Group interesting in planning a MiALA meeting? Are you confused about the different types of meetings & events hosted by MiALA?
Below are questions that have been asked by other MiALA members. Click on the question for the expanded answer. If you need further information and/or have suggestions for questions/information to be hosted here, please contact Kalyn Huson at
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If you are an Interest Group that would like to request funds fill out the IG Funding Request Form.
If you are a Committee that would like to request funds fill out the Committee Funding Request Form.
If you are an outside group interested in sponsorship, please email the Board at
Annual Conference - happens annually, usually around the 3rd Thursday and Friday of May. Usually a 1 1/2 day event with general session (including a keynote speaker), poster session with posters (determined through a call for proposals in January), breakout sessions with presentations (determined through a call for proposals sent in November), and a business meeting. Interest Groups can schedule networking opportunities during the conference. There is a registration fee for members and non-members to attend. This conference is coordinated by the conference planning committee.


Mini-MiALA Conference - a one day educational opportunity mid-MiALA year (as not to compete with the annual conference). Takes place late fall. Provides multiple opportunities for membership participation including presenting breakout sessions and networking. There is usually a registration fee for members and non-members to attend. To keep attendee fees minimal, grant funds are available upon application and approval by the board of directors.


Pop-up Conference - scheduled as an educational opportunity coordinated by a specific interest group(s) with one determined focus. Usually a 1-day event. There is usually a fee for members and non-members to attend to cover expenses. To keep attendee fees minimal, grant funds are available upon application and approval by the board of directors. These conferences are coordinated by Interest Group leaders.


Board Meetings - The board of directors meets either in person or (more often) virtually at least quarterly, per the MiALA bylaws (but normally monthly) to conduct the business of the organization. Board members provide reports from the committees/partners that they liaise and other old/new/recurring business is discussed. Minutes are posted on the MiALA website after approval. These meetings are coordinated by the board president and secretary.


Strategic Planning Retreat - happens annually. Either 1 or 1 1/2 days. Opportunity for incoming/outgoing board members, committee chairs, Interest Group Coordination Council, and Interest Group chairs and chairs-elect to learn about the resources available to them as well as determine the strategic plan of their respective groups in the upcoming year. Registration is complementary to all eligible attendees through budgeted association funds. This retreat is coordinated by a task force determined by the board.


Committee Meetings - Opportunity for committee members to meet (usually virtually) to conduct the business of the committee. These meetings are coordinated on an as needed basis by their respective committee chairs.


Interest Group Meetings - Opportunity for members of an interest group to learn and/or network either in person or virtually. These meetings are coordinated on an as needed basis by their respective interest group boards.


Interest Group/IGCC Liaison Meetings - Opportunity for chairs of all interest groups and their respective IGCC liaisons to meet to discuss the issues of interest to their respective interest groups. Information learned and questions that need further guidance are shared with the board of directors at their next meeting. These meetings are coordinated on a regular basis by the board.


Webinars/Online Workshops - Opportunity for members and non-members to attend an educational program virtually using an online meeting platform (such as Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or GotoMeeting). These programs are coordinated on an as needed basis.

Member Meet Ups - Opportunity for members to gather in an online environment to check in with others and share what is happening in their libraries. Interest Groups and Committees are invited to “host” these meetings to provide members with an introduction of their respective groups. These meet ups are free to attend.


The list above is not meant to be all inclusive. Committees, Interest Groups, and/or other groups may use whatever means/venues that they prefer to hold meetings and events.
Check out the event planning section on page 33 of the MiALA policies and procedures manual. There is information on planning events. Click here for the Interest Group Program/Event Planning Timeline and Checklist.
Yes. You can go to the MiALA events calendar on the website. This calendar shows not only MiALA events but other library meeting/conferences that may be relevant to MiALA members. If there is a meeting/conference that you believe should be listed on this calendar, email Kalyn Huson at As soon as your meeting/conference date is secure, be sure to have it listed on this calendar.
No. All contracts need to be sent to the board for approval and signature. Contact your IGCC liaison to seek board approval.
You will need to determine projected expenses for your meeting/conference and apply for funds using the application located here. Applications will be forwarded to the Interest Group Coordination Council (IGCC) for consideration.
All excess event proceeds go into the general MiALA funds to use for future endeavors. Any unused grant funds go back into the grant fund pool to be used for another meeting/conference.
If possible, try to obtain sponsorship of these expenses through your (or your member's) library/network. If sponsorship through your network is not possible, grant money may be available through MiALA funds.
There are many ways to share the news of your meeting/conference such as the monthly Newsletter, the events calendar and/or MiALA news feed on, the MiALA Facebook page, and the MiALA twitter feed. MiALA members can submit a news/event article using the form here.

Please refer to the MiALA policies and procedures manual located on the MiALA website for editorial policies and deadlines prior to submission. Submissions are welcome at anytime but should be received prior to the 15th of the month for inclusion in the next monthly Newsletter.

News articles for the website news feed and Newsletter should be concise and clear, and use simple sentences and active voice. Submissions may be edited due to space limitations or editorial decisions.

If you have any questions prior to submitting your news article, contact the Communications and Marketing committee chair at
Yes, if you would prefer to have only those who are members of MiALA and/or only members of your Interest Group attend your meeting/conference, please indicate on the Interest Group Event Proposal Form your registration limits.
The board has a license for Zoom online meeting software. For more information, and to reserve this software for your online meeting, contact the MiALA Administrative Assistant, Kalyn Huson, at
If you are interested in having a face-to-face meeting, meeting rooms at the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services offices in Lansing are available for free to conduct MiALA business. For more information and to reserve a meeting room, contact Kalyn Huson at Meeting rooms are subject to availability. Please note that the meeting rooms at MCLS are available "as is" meaning there is no audio visual equipment or expertise included with your reservation. Your group is responsible for bringing and setting up any needed AV for your meeting.
If the anticipated costs of the event are significant, or if the event will be catered, it is recommended that there be a registration fee to discourage non-attendance.
Non-MiALA members can attend Interest Group meetings/conferences. It is highly recommended, though, that non-MiALA members pay a registration fee to attend so as to demonstrate the benefit of membership.
Honoraria are subject to negotiation. For in-person meetings/conferences, mileage & other travel expenses may be reimbursed. 
$20-100 panel presentations/per panelist
$100-250 individual professional speakers
$250-500 longer presentations/series/all-day workshops

Often, invited speakers will offer to present for their own professional development for free. It is still a good practice to offer them the $100-250 individual speaker fee.
Expenses requested by other Interest Groups have included (but are not limited to):
  • speaker expenses
  • supplies
  • facility or equipment rental
  • refreshments/meals/catering
Yes. Most online workshop resources provide a recording option. If your Interest Group utilizes the MiALA Zoom license, you can request that the host record the meeting/conference.
Yes. Recordings from utilizing the MiALA Zoom license are uploaded to the MiALA YouTube channel and the link is posted on the archived event page of the MiALA website. The Interest Group can also have recordings/materials posted in their IG project areas.