2018 Annual Conference PreConference Workshop

2018 Pre-conference: ACRL Standards Workshop

Planning, Assessing, and Communicating Library Impact: Putting the Standards for Libraries in Higher Education into Action
May 16, 2018
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Michigan State University Libraries - Green Room
East Lansing, Michigan

Libraries in higher education are increasingly required to demonstrate their value and document their contributions to overall institutional effectiveness. The Standards for Libraries in Higher Education is a framework for library planning and assessment that can be used for a variety of circumstances including annual planning, program review, and accreditation self-study. Through presentation, discussion, and group activities, learn how to use the Standards to communicate your library's impact.

Learning Outcomes
Workshop participants will be able to...
  • Establish the library and institutional contexts to effectively engage in planning, self-study, accreditation, or program review processes.
  • Use the ACRL Standards for Libraries in Higher Education and other foundational documents as a framework to develop benchmarks, evaluate quality and performance, and demonstrate value to the institutional mission.
  • Evaluate various metrics and assessment tools to select the best approach for a given situation.
  • Examine the role of leadership in building a culture of evidence to engage all librarians and staff members in effective decision-making.

Target Audience
This workshop is intended for all librarians, library staff, and library administrators who need to demonstrate the value of their library by documenting their contributions to overall institutional effectiveness and/or to identify areas for quality improvement. Attendees are not expected to have previous experience applying the Standards. Though the primary audience is librarians, library staff, library administrators, and other campus professionals in areas of assessment, institutional planning and improvement, and academic technology may be interested as well.

Presenter Information
Andrea Falcone, MLS, MA, is the Head of Education & Outreach Services at the University of Colorado-Denver. Falcone leads a dynamic instruction program that offers one-time, course-integrated instruction to various programs and groups on a campus with three institutions. She encourages library faculty to be experimental in designing their curriculum and to conduct assessments with the intent of continuous improvement. She is the Editor of the Beta Phi Mu Scholars Series published by Rowman & Littlefield and is the column editor for "Perspectives on Public Services," which appears in International Information & Library Review.

LIMITED TO 40 PARTICIPANTS. Cost: $90 per person (includes morning coffee/light breakfast, a boxed lunch, and an afternoon snack).