History & Mission

The association is under development to:
  • be a light-weight, non-bureaucratic association whose structure and activities are driven by the needs of its members. The precise structure of the new association will come about through the work of academic librarians to create the organization that will best serve them. Input to the Steering Committee is welcome.
  • provide the capacity for organic growth not restricted by rigid rules, allowing the association to reflect and facilitate the rapidly changing world of academic librarianship, such as
    • flexibility for groups to readily form to reflect areas of high interest such as information literacy and resource-sharing and new directions such as digital humanities and data visualization.
  • provide channels for librarians, library staff, and  library students to build their skills and levels of participation to grow within the profession and make increasing scholarly and service contributions.
  • provide a vibrant new home for the Michigan ACRL Chapter, if the members of ACRL so choose. There is a commitment to provide within MiALA the recognition and support that the Chapter merits.
  • be supported by individual and institutional members.